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Marriage Counseling.
American Family Counseling began in 1993 with a goal to provide a unique counseling approach.  It is a blend of clinical understanding with a strong focus on the Bible as therapy Dr. Swanborough began with an office in McMinnville and expanded to Salem in 2003. 
Dr. Swanborough earned his Masters at Columbia University in New York and his Ph.D in Psychology and Counseling from Louisianna Baptist University.   
Our counselor is trained to help the men and women returning from war zones, and to include their family members.  Counseling is seriously needed for our veterans and we are happy to offer it.
  Dr. Swanborough is trained for specialization in adolescent problem-solving.  Adult and childhood stress training.  He has been a facilitator of divorce recovery groups, breaking the divorce cycle, and transition skills for hurting  children.  
   Dr. Swanborough is experienced with agency referrals and courts in child abuse cases as well as custody cases.
American Family Counseling
subscribes to the
Doctrinal Statement of
the American Association
of Christian Counselors.
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